Freezers & Cold Storage

Snijders Labs has been manufacturing Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers for over 35 years. The company is ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified for Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Service. Snijders Labs operates worldwide by co-operating with factory certified and trained distributors for installation and service of the freezers. By adapting to customer requirements, focusing on technology and functionality, we are able to strengthen our market position and quality.

A full range of Ultra-Low Temperature freezers (-86°C), vertical as well as horizontal, in capacities from 120 up to and incl. 965 ltr. Designed to protect your samples, to take responsibility for the environment, to save energy and to be sustainable at the same time.


Cryogenic protection for ultra-cold applications down to -196°C (-320°F). State-of-the art materials and a multi-layered construction allow for a maximum level of thermal protection, flexibility, and dexterity which are essential features when function is important and safety is critical. High performance, thermal inner lining wicks moisture away from hands, maintaining comfort over extended periods

  • Cryoaprons
  • Cryogloves
  • Eye and face protection
  • Gaiters